Tools You’ll Need When Working With Metal

Metalwork requires a few basic tools, and a few of them includes marking tools, a drill press, dial calipers, a center punch, a machinist square, and so on. Working with metal can be dangerous and it is always advised for those who conduct metalwork to dress in proper protective garment due to the dangerous nature of power tools. When grinding, drilling, or tapping threads, you’ll need to wear safety glasses to prevent anything from flying into your eye sockets as you work.

Basic tools for precision work involves marking tools, which can be a razor knife or a scribe. It is not advised to use a pencil for marking on metal as the line would not be fine enough to cut through. Other than that, basic precision tools also have dial calipers, which helps in placing accurate markings on metal pieces. There are several sizes for dial calipers that can range between 4 inches to 12 inches. The most common size used is the 6-inch dial caliper and it is also the most useful among all the sizes.

Besides precision tools, a drill press helps in accurate and precise drilling. While the standard electric hand drill may do the trick, they may not always be as precise and not the best choice when you’re required to work in batches. Choosing the best drill press for drilling can be easily made by searching for bench drill press reviews. Do note that there are drill presses made specifically to work best with certain types of materials so if you’re going to work with metal for a long period of time, perhaps investing in a higher quality drill press with drill bits and chucks made for drilling metal is a good investment.